and leisure time

Hiking and cycling around Gorolia



Gorolia is a lovely hilly landscape located i the easternmost past of Tesinske Beskydy. Our hotel is situated

right in the heart of this landscape (former salt road). From this primordial route is now bicycle trail called

"Greenways Krakow - Bohemia - Wien) If you follow any direction you will be able to admire the surrounding

countryside and the scenic view of the mountains.



in Kempa, the hill next to the hotel, many years ago thee used to be a historical build to avoid foreigh

intuders to enter. Nowdays everyone can enjoy visiting the site all year round.


Winter tourism

Surrounding hills can offer countless outdoor activities, you can ski on a nearby slope  or do ski runs

from the hotel to the near by resort (5km - Zagron PL)


* waterspring in Bukovec

* the easternmost point in Czech Republic

* virgin forest Mionsi